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ESGO Accredited Centres Join Forces and Share Real-world Clinical Data

These days ESGO is fulfilling a pivotal vision to shape the future of our field. We have invited 100+ ESGO accredited centres in Europe and beyond to join forces and strengthen the scientific collaboration by founding the ESGO consortium of Accredited Centres and sharing real-world clinical data in The ESGO Database platform

The goal of the ESGO Database is joint clinical research, including the validation of ESGO quality indicators (QI) and identification of new QI, analysis of guidelines adherence, and generation of real-world data in gynaecological oncology.

The results of the joint research will drive scientific progress, quality assurance, and improvement in gynaecological oncology, and will be utilized as a political tool to drive centralization and subspeciality training for the benefit of our patients. 

110+ ESGO Accredited Centres
are Now Founding Members

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ESGO Database Founding Project: Key Dates

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Step 1

Interest Confirmation

Deadline: February 28, 2023

Are you an ESGO accredited center? If yes, confirm your principal INTEREST in cooperating with ESGO in the founding project by sending us an email to

Step 2

Local Ethics Committee

March 2023

ESGO accredited centres interested in the project will receive the study protocol and the variable list for the Ethics Committee.


Step 3

Clinical Data Transfer

June 2023

Your Centre transfers its Clinical data to the ESGO Database via REDCap.



Step 4

Data Analysis by ESGO

July - August 2023

Analysis of the submitted clinical data by ESGO.


Step 5

Project Results

September 2023

Teleconference with all participating ESGO accredited centres; presenting and jointly discussing results of the founding project.

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Step 6

First Public Presentation

28th September - 1st October 2023

Presentation of the project results at the ESGO annual congress in Istanbul

What is required from your centre to participate in the founding project?

  • ESGO Accredited centres will provide their clinical data related to the 10 Quality Indicators in advanced ovarian cancer surgery and follow-up data on recurrence-free and overall survival for Quarters 1 and 2 (6-month period) of the past three years, i.e., 2020, 2021, 2022.
  • Ethics Committee approval at your centres will need to be obtained (a study protocol with variables for Ethics Committee submission will be provided by ESGO).
  • Signing the Framework Agreement for participation in the ESGO Consortium of Accredited Centres and Database.
  • Accredited Centres will enter their data into the established REDCap system of the ESGO Database.
  • It is up to each centre to either directly enter data on a case-by-case basis into REDCap (similar to an eCRF) or to complete the provided excel-template of variables and simply upload it into REDCap.
  • Personalised access to REDCap (username, password) will be provided by ESGO for each participating centre after receipt of written approval by the local Ethics Committee.
  • Online training on how to use REDCAp related to the ESGO Database will be provided.

ESGO Database Task Force Leadership


Prof. Nicole

Austria / Germany
Ane G

Prof. Ane Gerda Eriksson

Christoph Grimm

Prof. Christoph 


Prof. Viola Heinzelmann-Schwarz


ESGO Advisors


Prof. Ignace Vergote


ESGO Life-time award winner (2019)


Prof. Andreas du Bois


ESGO Life-time award winner (2021)

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