ESGO Accredited Centres Testimonials

Gynaecological Oncology Teams from Accredited Centres in Europe and beyond Support the ESGO Consortium and Database Vision


Bjorn Lampe

"The development of this database and network will have a lasting impact on the gynaecological oncology research in Europe. We are excited to be part of this."

Prof. Björn Lampe

Florence-Nightingale Hospital, Dusseldorf


Fabrice Narducci

"Being able to participate in the ESGO consortium means working with other accredited teams and sharing our results, thinking together about future oncological care. We are honored to participate in the ESGO Database."

Dr Fabrice Narducci

Oscar Lambret Cancer Centre, Lille


Ewa Milnerowicz (kopie)-2-2

"We believe that this prestigious project is an important milestone towards the establishment of a robust research network."

Prof. Ewa Milnerowicz-Nabzdyk

Centre of Oncology, Opole


Lukas Hefler

"Large databases are key to successful clinically meaningful research projects, covering not only a few hand-picked centres, but a wide variety of hospitals in Europe and beyond."

Prof. Lukas Hefler

St. Vincent´s Hospital, Linz

Teams from Accredited Centres Support ESGO's Pivotal Vision


Fabio Ghezzi

"The ESGO consortium and Database will be one of the greatest opportunities for the European Scientific Community to improve and standardize the treatment of gynaecological cancers in Europe."

Prof. Fabio Ghezzi

Del Ponte Women and Children Hospital 
University of Insubria, Varese

Czech Republic

Radovan Pilka

"We believe that this a great chance to move further with ovarian cancer surgery standardisation not only for research but also for purely clinical purposes and improve high quality surgical standards for our patients."

Prof. Radovan Pilka

Palacky University, Olomouc



"We are honored to be considered as a founding member of the ESGO consortium of accredited centers."

Dr Jaydip Bhaumik

Tata Medical Center, Kalkota


Ignacio Zapardiel

"Do not miss this UNIQUE opportunity to be part of the upcoming ESGO European Database: a source of knowledge and networking!"

Prof. Ignacio Zapardiel

La Paz University Hospital, Madrid

Teams from Accredited Centres Support ESGO's Pivotal Vision

Be part of Europe's Largest Clinical Research Consortium!


Anik Ghosh

"Together with ESGO, we can achieve great heights in gynaecological oncology across the globe."

Dr. Anik Ghosh

Tata Medical Center, Kalkota


Pawel Knapp

"Amazing idea and extraordinarily visionary in the future for our patients and also our medical environment. I am proud to be a part of the ESGO community."

Prof. Pawel Knapp

Medical University of Bialystok



"It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we participate in the new ESGO consortium of accredited centers and the ESGO European database."

Prof. Basel Refky Abdel Fattah Ahmed

Mansoura University, Egypt


Dimitrios Haidopoulos

"It is an honor to actively participate in the creation of the ESGO European Database. The formation of this unique database will provide more scientific information on a large scale."

Prof. Dimitrios Haidopoulos

University of Athens

Teams from Accredited Centres Support ESGO's Pivotal Vision


Jurgen Piek

"Ovarian cancer is a “hard to treat” cancer. Only in a joint effort we can start to understand and conquer this devastating disease. 

It is therefore that we have to join the ESGO hands to fight cancer."

Dr. Jurgen Piek

Catharina hospital/Catharina Cancer Institute, Eidhoven



"We are delightful to cooperate with ESGO in this pivotal vision on creating a robust research network. Such a collaborative project will provide better treatment for our patients."

Prof. Dan Grisaru

Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Israel


Maciej Stukan

"Our patients are our motivation to support the pivotal ESGO vision and the participation in the founding project of the ESGO consortium of accredited centers and The ESGO Database."

Dr. Maciej Stukan

Gdynia Oncology Centre


Siarhei Mavrichev

"It is a great honor for our center to stand at the foundations of creating EU ovarian cancer database. It is really important to know daily practice and big data that may change the life of our patients."

Prof. Siarhei Mavrichev

NN Alexandrov National Cancer Centre, Minsk


Dimitrios Tsolakidis

"I am thrilled that we can collaborate closely and unite our forces, within this great initiative, the ESGO consortium of accredited centers. Let’s aim high to improve the lives of our patients."

Prof. Dimitrios Tsolakidis

Aristotle University Thessaloniki

“Papageorgiou” General Hospital, Thessaloniki


ASU FC Udine

"Share best clinical practices to empower research groups and improve the quality of care across the Europe."

Prof. Lorenza Driul

Prof. Giuseppe Vizzielli

Dr. Stefano Restaino

Azienda Sanitaria Universitaria Friuli Centrale (ASU FC), Udine


Olga Matylevich

"To collect a big European database is an extraordinary vision for the future of our patients and clinical trial planning. This is definitely a long-term project and we hope to get long-term results."

Prof. Dr Olga Matylevich 

NN Alexandrov National Cancer Centre, Minsk


Mirosław Dudziak

"We believe that by being a part of a larger consortium, we can provide our patients the best management of gynecological cancers every day."

Dr. Mirosław Dudziak

Gdynia Oncology Centre


Toon van Gorp

"We invest a lot in translational and clinical studies with new drugs but we sometimes forget that surgery is still the main cornerstone of our treatment. Registration and quality control are essential to improve care for our patients."

Prof. Toon Van Gorp

University Hospital Leuven

Czech Republic

Josef Chovanec

"As the youngest ESGO accredited center in the Czech Republic (2019) we emphasize visibility, joint publication and access to advanced ovarian cancer surgery accreditation process."

Dr. Josef Chovanec

Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute, Brno


Ahmed Samy Elagwany -2

"We are highly motivated and looking forwards for participation in that huge project, supporting ESGO mission in improving the health and well-being of women with gynecological malignancies."

Prof. Ahmed Samy

El-shatby Maternity University Hospital, Alexandria University


Philippe Morice (1)-2-2

"The first similar large scale real life initiative ever organized that could really improve the management of our patients at a next step."

Prof. Philippe Morice

Gustave Roussy Institute, Paris


Mathieu Luyckx

"Large database and sharing knowledge all across Europe will benefit to our patient, our fellows and ourselves!""

Dr. Mathieu Luyckx

Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc - UNGO Brussel



"Quality assurance is a central aspect of surgery. Henry Ford gave a perfect description of the essence of surgical quality assurance in his famous quote: „Quality means doing it right when no one is looking“."

Prof. Sven Mahner

Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich



"We believe that the ESGO database is a great opportunity to share the results of accredited European centers, which will allow us to improve the care of our patients and standardize the management of gynecological cancer."

Prof. Alvaro Tejerizo-García

Hospital 12 de Octubre, Madrid


Christina Fotopoulou

"Lets all bring our patients together to improve the survival and outcome of patients with women cancers. We can only win if we fight together!"

Prof. Christina Fotopoulou

Imperial College London


Annamaria Ferrero2

"Consider to share your real-world clinical data in the ESGO European Database. You will participate to improve the health and well-being of European women with gynaecological cancers."

Prof. Annamaria Ferrero

Umberto I, Mauriziano Hospital


Thijs Roelofsen (kopie)-2-2

"We, as an ESGO-accredited certified centre, strongly support the founding of a robust European database on advanced ovarian cancer surgery for the assessment of quality of (surgical) care, improvement of (surgical) care purposes, and for (international) research cooperations.”

Dr. Thijs Roelofsen

University Medical Center, Groningen


Juan Gilabert

"It is of utmost importance to perform a quality control of our clinical practice in the management of patients affected of this disease. This multicentric and international project will increase the quality of our activity and it will also permit us to try to achieve the best standards for the care of our patients."

Dr. Juan Gilabert

General University Hospital of Valencia


Mariusz Bidzinski

"Learning about the activities of other centers and sharing knowledge and experience is the main goal which I hope will bear fruit in the activities of the consortium."

Prof. Marius Bidzinski

The Maria Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Center

ESGO Database Founding Project