ESGO Recognition of Gynae-Oncologists

Professional Recognition - Warm congratulations!

Since 2010, ESGO has aimed to establish multidisciplinary training standards and acts as the European authority in gynaecological oncology.

These standards have been adopted in numerous European countries as a model for national subspecialty training and care programmes, and are used as a reference in countries where subspeciality training does not formally exist (yet).

With the changing landscape of the subspeciality training standards, ESGO recognises the need for a recognition process for the expertise and skills of experienced gynaecological oncologists.

At the end of 2022, ESGO offered the special ''ESGO Professional Recognition in Gynaecological Oncology'' certificate to fill in this gap.

I am pleased to announce that 114 ESGO members met the strict requirements and will be granted the ESGO Professional Recognition certificate, as well as publicly acknowledged at the ESGO Congress in Istanbul, Turkiye, in September 2023.

Congratulations to all the ESGO Recognised Professionals!
We are excited to celebrate this remarkable accomplishment in Istanbul!

Assist. Prof. Maja Pakiz, Slovenia
Training & Certification Committee Chair

114 ESGO members were granted ESGO Professional Subspeciality Recognition!

Luis Chiva

ESGO Subspeciality Recognition: an invaluable resource and a precious contribution to our patients and subspeciality

"As one of the promoters of this unique ESGO project, it fills me with satisfaction that professionals who have dedicated their lives to caring for women with gynaecological cancer will receive the subspeciality recognition certificate. This special ESGO Recognition will thus remain an invaluable resource and a precious contribution to our patients and subspeciality.“

Prof. Luis Chiva, Spain
ESGO Council Member

ESGO Professional Recognition Working Group

We would like to thank the Working Group Members and contributors of the ESGO Professional Recognition project, who dedicated their time and effort to this significant project to advance our subspeciality:

Maja Pakiz
Annamaria Ferrero
Louis Chiva

Assist. Prof. Maja Pakiz

Dr. Annamaria Ferrero

Prof. Luis Chiva

Rene Verheijen

Dr. Blanca Gil Ibaňez

Prof. Rene Verheijen