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Get Your ESGO Accreditation in Endometrial Cancer Surgery

The ESGO Accreditation in Endometrial Cancer Surgery is an award attributed to institutions that can offer patients the specific skills, experience, organisation, and dedication required to achieve optimal levels of surgical care.

The ESGO accreditation is based on completion of the ESGO Quality indicators and a scoring system which has been designed and validated within the International Expert Panel in 2021 (Quality indicators for the surgical treatment of endometrial carcinoma, IJGC, November 18, 2021).

Only centres that meet the QI requirements can be awarded the ESGO accreditation in Endometrial Cancer Surgery.

Why get accredited?

Centres receiving ESGO accreditation will be entitled to:

  • Use the subtitle “ESGO accredited centre in Endometrial cancer surgery”
  • Use the ESGO logo in its endometrial-cancer-related communication
  • Be listed on the ESGO website as an ESGO accredited centre
Application Process

Centres interested in being accredited are required to:

Complete and meet the Criteria defining standard accreditation.

The List of Criteria for Endometrial cancer surgery accreditation can be downloaded here:

  • ≥50 newly diagnosed endometrial carcinoma cases treated per centre per year
  • ≥50 endometrial carcinoma primary surgeries (including early and advanced stages) performed per centre per year.
  • The sum of the individual scores being 143, it has been decided that the score of ≥115 points provides a satisfactory surgical management of endometrial carcinoma.
  • Any centre must accept that ESGO may perform random audits of applicants by asking for operative reports and pathology reports from selected cases in their dataset.

1. Application is digitalized via REDCap. Once you start the application process an invoice will be generated and sent to your centre.

Note that you will receive emails with active hyperlinks to the forms you will need to complete as part of your application. If your institution email server blocks such emails you should consider using an alternate email address, such as your personal email address, that will allow emails with active hyperlinks to come through.

2. Along with centre-level data, kindly      submit a pseudo-anonymised  dataset containing all patients treated for endometrial carcinoma in the last three (3) calendar years.

3. Further provide:

    • Documentation of clinical trials (NCT Number and recruitment numbers overall per year, and if available publication list)
    • Description of how complications are documented, and quality management is performed
    • List of articles published on endometrial carcinoma by team members over the last 3 years (if applying for Center of Excellence)

Here you can find the Self-assessment form  which you will need to fill in your REDCap application.

In case any questions arise please kindly email us

Accreditation fee
Application review
Centres of Excellence Award

Need further information? Contact the ESGO Administrative Office.