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Introduction to GO training and the new ESGO eLogbook

ESGO Launches a New Digital Application for the Subspecialty Training Logbook
Fellows can now easily record every step in their training wherever they are!

The New Curriculum in Gynaecological Oncology, released on January 1st this year, now entails multiple and structured real-time assessments.Dear ESGO members and colleagues,
It is my great pleasure to announce the release of the new eLogbook for fellows pursuing the ESGO Certificate of Accreditation in Gynaecological Oncology.

To support these requirements, a pilot phase with the completely renewed Logbook, fully available online, has just started!

ESGO is aware that training has become more intense and structured, putting extra strain on both the trainees and staff.

You will be able to complete assessments or document activities on any computer – in theatre, ward, or clinic – so no excuse not to fill out an assessment after an operation!

The uniform scoring of assessments allows real-time monitoring (and correction) of your progress in proficiency, knowledge, and professional conduct.

Finally, at the end of your training no need to rumble through your drawers and assemble a paper logbook.

If you have started your training programme, we welcome you to get your eLogbook now
and easily record every step you have accomplished!

We welcome all involved in training to join us online at the Introduction to GO training and the new ESGO eLogbook Webinar on July 14, 2021!



Anna Fagotti, Italy
ESGO Education Committee Chair


René Verheijen, France
ESGO Curriculum Project Chair

Ignacio Zapardiel

Ignacio Zapardiel, Spain
ESGO Training Supervisor


Toon Van Gorp, Belgium
ESGO Training Supervisor


Stefanie Aust, Austria
ESGO Fellow

Tomas G

Tomas Grünwald, Czech Rep.
ESGO eLog book Developer

The New ESGO Curriculum

For the last decade, ESGO-certified gynaecological oncologists have been trained according to the first ESGO Curriculum. In the meantime, requirements have changed, surgery has become more complex, oncological care has become more multidisciplinary and evidence is required also for modules and assessments during training.

The ESGO new Curriculum has been established, mainly based on and around competence and structure of the general basic training in obstetrics and gynaecology. The eLogbook is provided for training in gynaecological oncology.

The ESGO new Curriculum was presented at the ESGO New Curriculum Webinar in November, 2020. The recording of the ESGO Curriculum webinar can be watched HERE

All involved in training, both representatives of the ESGO accredited centers, fellows in training and ESGO members will be provided with all necessary information on implementing the new Curriculum.

The new ESGO Curriculum became compulsory on January 1, 2021.

With the new Curriculum, ESGO has created clear guidance for a transparent and safe training environment.

Note that:
  • The training includes a minimum of two (2) and at the most three (3) clinical years of full-time equivalent (FTE) training according to a prospectively approved programme in an ESGO-accredited Gynaecological Oncology unit.
  • Fellows in their 1st year of a 2 year programme or in their 1st or 2nd year of a 3 year programme need to switch immediately to the new curriculum
  • Fellows in their last year may choose to switch to the new curriculum and online portfolio or continue with the past requirements of the old curriculum.
  • Successful completion of the curriculum and a passing mark on the ESGO theoretical Exam are mandatory requirements for obtaining the ESGO certification. The ESGO Exam must be passed within six (6) years from the formal start of training.
  • Modules of another specialty (e.g., radiotherapy, medical oncology, surgery) may be followed for up to six (6) months within the fellowship programme.

The portfolio must be completed within four (4) years after the formal start of training. Retrospective fulfilment of the criteria, e.g., completion of the portfolio over years of oncological practice without a registered and defined training programme, is not allowed.


The new ESGO Curriculum has been completed and can be downloaded HERE

For any further information about the new Curriculum and/or the certification please feel free to contact the ESGO office

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