Olivia – Digital Ovarian Cancer Resource

Olivia: A Unique Digital Support Resource
to Help Guide Ovarian Cancer Patients

Olivia, the Digital Patient Pathway, is a comprehensive resource to help address the needs of all people affected by ovarian cancer.

From a dedicated section for people newly diagnosed with ovarian cancer and an interactive pathway for those receiving and recovering from treatment supporting them at every stage of their experience, to educational articles, video stories and a directory of resources, Olivia truly is a single source of information on ovarian cancer.

Olivia is the first resource developed by the Ovarian Cancer Commitment (OCC) founding partners: ESGO, ENGAGe - European Network of Gynaecological Advocacy Groups and AstraZeneca.

The OCC aims to get Olivia translated into different languages to eliminate any barriers for those seeking information.

The Digital Patient Pathway took inspiration from a gynaecological cancer online patient resource created by the ESGO/ENGAGe affiliate organisation Mallow Flower Foundation from Hungary.

View Press Release or watch the Video!  For more information, please visit: ovarian.gynecancer.org

Interactive Digital Pathway Guide

Everyone’s experience with ovarian cancer is unique and evolves over time. Olivia offers detailed information for every step of the ovarian cancer pathway, and includes four pathway sections: About Ovarian cancer, Primary Treatment, Ongoing Care, and Recurrent Disease.

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Olivia's Exclusive Collection of Resources

Ovarian Cancer Commitment (OCC) Founding Partners Talk About Olivia


"A resource like Olivia simply didn’t exist previously. I am convinced that Olivia will be most valuable in transforming the experience of ovarian cancer patients, their families, and friends."

Prof. Nicole Concin

ESGO President


"Olivia is a unique all-in-one resource that patients can access to educate themselves, with detailed and reliable information for every step of the ovarian cancer pathway."

Icó Tóth

ENGAGe Past Co-Chair


"Olivia offers suggestions on how to take care of physical and emotional needs while living with ongoing cancer treatment, so patients can aim to achieve a better quality of life."

Petra Adamkova 

ENGAGe Co-Chair


"Olivia is the first initiative launched by the OCC as part of our mission to address gaps in ovarian cancer care, and we will continue to implement tangible actions to drive this change."

Andrea Mugan

Global Franchise Head, Gynaecological/Genitourinary Cancers, AstraZeneca


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