New ESGO Webinar Endometrial Cancer Clinical Case Discussions

New ESGO Live Webinar:

Multidisciplinary Tumour Board Dialogues
Endometrial Cancer

Clinical Case Discussion


Friday, June 28, 2024 |  18:00 CEST  (Time zone conversions)
Saturday, June 29, 2024 |
 12:00 CEST  (Time zone conversions)

Chairs: Prof. Nicole Concin, Austria, and Prof. Domenica Lorusso, Italy

Get ready to join the special live multidisciplinary tumour board webinar with world-leading experts from Europe, Asia–Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East for a practical discussion on the latest updates in endometrial cancer management.

The webinar is an educational initiative designed mainly for ESGO's non-European members, with panellists from these countries at times that are convenient for them.

In this 90-minute live webinar, Professors Nicole Concin and Domenica Lorusso will discuss with the panellists a selection of real-life clinical cases related to endometrial cancer surgery, adjuvant and systematic treatment, and more.

The webinar will include:
Short Presentations of Clinical Cases
pre-selected by the tumour board panel.
+  Panel Discussion and Q&A
After each case, participants will be able to send questions to the panel during the webinar.
Practical Tips and Recommendations
Related to the presented cases and discussion topics.

Explore the video from the webinar chairs to find out more!


Webinar Topics

The webinar aims to share expertise derived from clinical experiences across the globe, promote best practices in gynaecological oncology, and improve the quality of treatment.

Key Discussion Topics include:
+ FIGO Staging and molecular profiling
+ Surgical staging of EC, including sentinel lymph nodes
+ Adjuvant setting according to risk stratification
+ Treatment of advanced and metastatic disease
+ New biomarker in EC
and more.

Now Open: Call for Clinical Cases

We invite you to submit your clinical cases related to endometrial cancer management, and particularly encourage cases from trainees, fellows, and colleagues outside Europe.
The tumour board panel will only select the cases for discussion from those submitted.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to join the live discussion and gain first-hand knowledge from a panel of world-experienced experts on the challenges professionals face in the management of endometrial cancer!

Register now and submit your clinical cases by June 7, 2024!

The webinar is offered on June 28th and 29th, with various non-European experts on each day.
Choose the date that suits you best!

Meet the Webinar Experts Panel

Webinar Co-Chairs:

Prof. Nicole ConcinProf. Nicole Concin

Medical University of Vienna, Austria

“These are exciting times for us as physicians and particularly for our patients with endometrial cancer,  as tremendous advancements are being made that allow us to offer more effective and individualised treatment options. The basis for these advancements is a better understanding of tumour biology and access to molecular characterisation.
Endometrial cancer is not one single disease; it constitutes at least four molecularly defined different diseases. This holds immediate clinical relevance for an improved estimate of a patient's prognosis and for adjuvant and systematic treatment decision-making.
We look forward to seeing you at our webinar and discussing clinically relevant cases with you!"
Prof. Concin, ESGO Past President


Prof. Domenica Lorusso

Catholic University of Rome
Fondazione Policlinico Gemelli IRCCS, Rome, Italy

“We are living in an unprecedented moment in the treatment and clinical research of endometrial cancer. The biological knowledge of the disease has a direct influence on prognosis and treatment opportunities in surgery, adjuvant settings, and the treatment of advanced disease.
Join us for an exciting live discussion with a panel of distinguished experts focused on clinical cases of endometrial cancer. See you all online!"

Prof. Lorusso, ESGO Council Member



Webinar Experts Panel:



+ Prof. Nicole Concin, Austria

+ Prof. Domenica Lorusso, Italy

+  Prof. Xavier Matias-Guiu Guia, Spain

+ Dr. Rebecca Kristelait, UK

+ Dr. Valeria Caceres, Argentina

+ Dr. Jose Antonio Bahena Gonzalez, Mexico

+ Prof. Angélica Nogueira, Brazil

+  Dr. Stephanie Ricci, Abu Dhabi

+  Prof. Mohsen Mokhtar, Egypt,
+  Prof. Linda Mileshkin, Australia,

+ Dr. Jung-Yun Lee, S. Korea

+  Dr. Akhil Kapoor, India

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Join us either on June 28th or 29th, seats are limited!

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