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Be a part of the ESGO Accredited Centres for Training in Gynaecological Oncology

Based on European standards of training and care as established by ESGO. ESGO provides supervision for accredited training and has been running hospital recognition for excellence in training and care while accrediting centres across Europe.

The centres ESGO accredited as European Training Centres in Gynaecological Oncology are authorised to provide certified training.

As of Sep 2016, ESGO has set new rules for the application process of hospital accreditation for training in the subspecialty, since the prerequisite of accreditation for basic training in obstetrics and gynaecology is not required anymore. 

Only centres that meet the above requirements can start the application process for ESGO accreditation by initiating the digital application via REDCap.

Process Overview

Accreditation Process

Interested to be part of the growing network of ESGO accredited centres for training in the subspecialty? 

Together with the Application should be submitted:

- Formal Training programme and tutorship of the centre
- Latest Year Report or equivalent data, reflecting the quantitative requirements.

As part of the process, to be eligible for the subspecialty training a centre must:

  • Provide the highest degree of teamwork and concentration of resources for the intensive investigation and management of patients.
  • Establish a formal Training programme according to the requirements of national bodies. If the national training programme does not exist, the centre should follow the European standards as defined in the ESGO Curriculum and eLogbook.
  • Have an adequate workload providing a full range of experience in the subspecialty.
  • Have an adequate medical staffing.
  • Provide adequate library, laboratory and other resources.
  • Provide the resources for a research programme related to the subspecialty.
  • Every fellow who wishes to pursue an ESGO fellowship and diploma must first be registered at the ESGO office via the eLogbook and then must complete the eLogbook.
  • We strongly recommend that a fellow's position at an accredited centres is associated with a salary or other form of financial support.

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ESGO Curriculum
Training in UK & NL
Accreditation Fee


Hospital Re-Accreditations

    • Accreditation is valid for 5 years, followed by re-accreditation.
    • In principle, re-application follows the same procedures as the first application.
    • Accredited centres should apply for re-accreditation 6 months before the original accreditation expires.
    • The re-applying centre should provide a list of fellows trained during the accredited period.
    • Centres need to adapt the updated Curriculum to the local environment. From now on, when centres apply for (re-)accreditation, centres will need to provide the ESGO office a direct comparison of their local training programme with the ESGO Curriculum.
    • In order to apply for re-accreditation, a centre should have had at least one ESGO fellow/trainee during the most recent period of accreditation.


  • In case of re-accreditation after 5 years since the first accreditation, usually an on-line tele-visit will be done and if all requirements are met, including fulfilment of recommendations from the first accreditation visit, accreditation may be granted again for 5 years .However, ESGO may decide to require an onsite visit, e.g. based on earlier recommendations.

    After another 5 years (10 years since the first accreditation) the re-accreditation will again be done by a physical on-site re-visit.

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