Core Knowledge Assessment Test
in Gynaecological Oncology


The ESGO Examination in Gynaecological Oncology is a theoretical evaluation and a high level knowledge assessment that covers the entire subspecialty curriculum of gynaecologic oncology including the respective areas in surgery, medical oncology, pathology and radiation therapy. The Examination is open to all physicians treating patients with gynaecologic cancers – fellows and junior doctors to complement their clinical training, more experienced colleagues to obtain the certification of their knowledge in countries where GO is not recognised as a subspecialty.

The existence of a supra-national examination in gynaecological oncology provides an incentive for the development of university, regional, national and European training programs.

The Exam can be also used on national levels as an excellent tool for learning and validation in countries where the subspecialty is not recognised. Whereas in such countries the national training programmes do not exist, the ESGO Exam provides a possibility for health care professionals to validate their professional theoretical knowledge.

Since the Exam reflects the ongoing European standardisation, harmonisation and quality assurance process in medicine in general, the successful candidates will receive an ESGO Certificate that certifies a high level of professional competence and excellence on European scale.

The ESGO Examination is a written test consisting of set of MCQs that have been created by team of professionals and match the rules set by the UEMS/CESMA. 


The candidates will take the written examination in the length of 180 minutes.

The first ESGO Exam will take place on November 1, 2019 at 3 PM before the ESGO 2019 Congress in Athens, Greece.

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        <p><img src="/media/2018/09/Foto-Cristiana-Sessa-2018-300x200.jpg" alt="" width="247" height="164" /></p><p>Clinical practice requires capability to evaluate the problem and find the most suitable solution in an adequate period of time within the context of a continuously evolving multidisciplinary approach.</p><p>A regular update of competences is therefore needed. Preparation for the ESGO exam increases your knowledge in the fields of medical specialties which make you a gyneconcologist with a true multidisciplinary update approach.</p><p><strong>Prof. Cristiana Sessa</strong>, Switzerland</p>     

Upcoming events

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<h3>ESGO 2019 Athens Congress</h3>     
        <p><strong>November 2-5, 2019</strong></p>

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<h3>ENYGO Laparoscopy Hands-on Workshop</h3>        

October 3-5, 2019
Rome, Italy 

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3rd ESGO Advanced Course in Ovarian Cancer Surgery

December 5-7, 2019 
Hamburg, Germany


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<h3>Advanced Course on Multidisciplinary Management of Cervical Cancer</h3>     
        <p><strong>January 15-17, 2020</strong><br />

Institut Gustave Roussy, Paris, France

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