ESGO Statement



March 12, 2020


The ESGO Council has been carefully monitoring official updates about COVID-19 and global concerns surrounding travel and public health.


As the health and safety of our attendees, faculty, speakers, exhibitors and partners are our top priority, the ESGO 2020 State of the Art Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, has been rescheduled to December 14–16, 2020. In addition, our three ESGO Courses set for this spring will be rescheduled and the new dates communicated as quickly as possible.


Additional updates and guidance from the World Health Organization, the European Centre for Disease Control and other reliable resources will be provided regularly on the State of the Art conference website. We look forward to convening the State of the Art Conference in December and thank all our participants, exhibitors and partners who plan to join us for ESGO 2020 in Copenhagen, Denmark.


In order to create a safe and welcoming experience for our attendees, we are also taking note of ways to lessen the risk of virus transmission at our meetings and other events now and in the future.


Informational Resources

Please consult the following sources for up-to-the-minute information about the coronavirus outbreak:


World Health Organization


European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control