ESGO Stands with Ukraine

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ESGO Stands with Ukraine

ESGO released a statement of support for Ukraine on March 2, 2022, followed by a video message of support from its European Network of Young Gynaecological Oncologists, ENYGO.

ESGO continues to provide its support to international initiatives for cancer care needs in Ukraine as they evolve.


News and Resources

  • ESGO Supports Ukrainian Gynae Oncologists

In May, ESGO Council Member Prof. Viola Heinzelmann-Schwarz, Switzerland, took a remarkable initiative to organise a donation of  laparoscopic equipment, following an urgent call of need from the Grigoriev Institute of Medical Radiology and Oncology NAMS, Ukraine (See Dr. Vladyslav Sukhin in the Photo).

"Further equipment is urgently needed, particularly a laparoscopic tower and 30° camera and we urge any institution which can spare such an equipment to contact Dr. Sukhin" said Prof. Viola Heinzelmann-Schwarz.

ESGO Stands with Urkraine
  • UICC Solidarity Fund for Ukraine

support projects and programmes that help address the impact of the conflict on Ukrainian cancer patients and their families now and in the immediate future. UICC Solidarity Fund are being governed by an Advisory Board of experts and are now being made available for emergency projects

Call for applications is open! Guidelines and application for is available here

The Solidarity Fund has received pledges of just over USD 1 million in donations, ESGO and ENGOT are proud to contribute as donors.

Professor Concin, ESGO President, said :
"Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people and the gynaecological oncology patients in the war zones, who now fight not only against cancer but face the additional barrier of accessing treatment in a war. ESGO contribution to UICC fund is an important signal of our solidarity".

"ENGOT is built on the idea of pan-European cooperation, with everyone searching for the best care for patients through the best science. Our contribution to the UICC fund is a further statement of our support for patients from the Ukraine." confirmed Professor Mansoor R. Mirza, ENGOT Chair


International Collaboration

ESGO is a member organisation of the new special network on the impact of the war in Ukraine on cancer launched on March 9, 2022.

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Special Network

The new special network on the impact of the war in Ukraine on cancer was launched by the European Cancer Organisation (ECO) and the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) in collaboration with WHO, EU and other organisations. The initiative will operate across multiple languages, both inside Ukraine and across Europe.

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  • Support for Ukrainian Cancer Patients

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 400,000 Ukrainians have been diagnosed with cancer, with over 160,000 new cases in 2020.

At the ASCO/ECO Briefing on March 18, 2022, Ukrainian oncologists reported that cancer care in eastern Ukraine had been almost stopped. View Recorded Briefing or visit ECO Updates on Ukraine to find out more.

ESGO supports the latest initiative of the World Health Organisation (WHO) to create a database of cancer centres and other hospitals outside Ukraine that have the capacity to assist Ukrainian cancer patients. WHO's imitative is part of their collaboration with the ECO-ASCO Special Network on the Impact of the War in Ukraine on Cancer.

We invite our members to join us and support this initiative by providing information on such healthcare facilities through a  specific form, sending it to and copying the to avoid duplication of the information.

In addition, information resources and hot-lines to support Ukrainian patients have been gathered by members of ENGAGe, ESGO'S European patient advocacy groups:



  • Support for Ukrainian Cancer Patients and their family by Organisations:


Germany: German Cancer Aid fund,  0228/72990-410

German Cancer Aid fund for relatives of cancer patients from the Ukraine who are being treated in Germany, offer up to 5,000 Euros travel/accommodation costs per patient for accompanying family members. View document


Norway: Norwegian Cancer Association,

Ukrainian Refugees with Cancer can Contact the Helpline

Kreftforeningens rettshjelp
21 49 49 21



  • Donation to the UICC Emergency Solidarity Fund

ESGO donates 5,000 Euros to the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) Emergency Solidarity Fund to aid Ukrainian cancer patients. UICC will distribute the funds according to the needs of cancer organisations most affected by the conflict in Ukraine.  Read More


  • Support for Ukrainian Gynaecological Oncologists

+ Free ESGO membership to support colleagues in Ukraine until peace is re-established.

+ Positions for researchers and scientists affected by the crisis in Ukraine:

- "Scholars at Risk " offers a variety of positions abroad for the scientific communities at risk.

Funding for scientists from Ukraine to work in labs abroad

List of International and national activities to support Ukrainian Cancer Patients:

EU Solidarity with Ukraine

EU 2

Information Resources for people fleeing Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Інформація для людей, які тікають від війни в Україні

To ensure specialised hospital treatment and care for those in urgent need, the EU Commission set up a solidarity mechanism for Intra EU medical transfers of refugees and displaced persons from the Member States bordering Ukraine. Ten thousand beds have already been made available.

View the latest news posted on March 23, 2022

National Support in Ukraine

  • National Cancer Institute of Ukraine

The National Cancer Institute has set up a psychological assistance “hot-line”, which provides urgent free psychological and informational support for cancer patients and their relatives 24/7. Read More



Ukraine's Neighbouring Countries

Ukraine Map 2

Help Ukraine - Інформація для пацієнтів

International Support and Information Resources

Ukraine World Support2

ASCO-ECO Special Network:

Impact of the War in Ukraine on Cancer

Links to resources in different relevant languages,

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  • WHO Health Emergency Appeal for Ukraine

WHO issued an appeal detailing its resource needs for Ukraine and its surrounding countries for the next three months, aiming to reach 6 million people with essential health services.

Read More  or  download the Report


  • UICC Solidarity Fund to aid Ukrainian cancer patients

Find out More

If you wish to donate to the emergency Solidarity Fund, contact UICC at


  • The Cancer Letter: Ukraine Crisis  - Resources for health professionals

List of resources for clinicians, health professionals, patient advocates, and those aiding in the humanitarian effort.

For the Activities of Organisations by regions Read More


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