ESGO Elections


In accordance with the Bylaws, the ESGO Council shall be composed of sixteen (16) duly elected Council members including the Executive Officers. The term of office for elected Council members is four (4) years, the term of office for the elected Officers is two (2) years. In order to ensure the continuity of the society, elections are held biennially while half of the Council changes every 2 years (Council members elected in 2024 will hold office until 2028).


ESGO Officers are elected by the ESGO Council from the sitting Council members, while ESGO Council members are chosen by a general election amongst ESGO members. All ESGO regular members are eligible to be nominated, vote, and hold elective office or committee positions.


For the period 2024–2028, seven (7) elected Council Member positions are open:

Group 1: Western Europe
Group 2: Central and North Europe
Group 3: South-Western Europe
Group 4: South-Eastern Europe
Group 5: East Europe
Group 6: Rest of the World
Group 7: Radiation Oncology



All ESGO regular members who hold active membership in 2023 are given the opportunity to stand as a candidate through self-nomination.

Please note: At the last General Assembly of members, voting rights were granted to all non-European ESGO members (health care professionals). For first time we are also opening an elected non-European seat in the ESGO Council. The members residing and practising outside Europe are eligible to vote and can send an application. Also, in order to increase multidisciplinarity at the ESGO Council level, one seat will be open for a radiation oncologist.

Criteria for nomination:

  1. The candidate must be an ESGO Regular member of good standing who holds active ESGO membership in 2023.
  2. The candidate should be a key opinion leader with a clear vision how he/she would like to contribute to the ESGO mission not only within his/her region but on a European level and worldwide.
  3. Council members are expected to work for the benefit of the Society as a volunteer, attend Council meetings, and actively participate in activities and projects.
  4. The candidate must have good command of the English language.

Applications may be made by submitting all documents mentioned below via email to

  • A motivation letter for the ESGO Council Elections 2024 (maximum 350 words)
  • A short CV (in editable word format) and photo (jpeg)

Applications are open until September 10, 2023. Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.

For support or information regarding the 2024 Elections, please contact us at


Final slot of candidates:

The Nomination Committee will prepare a final slate of candidates (two final nominees per open position) with the objective of covering as much as possible the various aspects of our disciplines, and maintaining diversified geographical representation.

Candidates will be announced on this ESGO website and voting will be completed electronically via a voting platform. Society members with voting rights will be notified and asked to cast their vote. The candidate who gets the simple majority of votes will be declared elected. In the case of a tie, the Nominating Committee will make the final decision. All votes are confidential.

The new council members will begin their terms following the March 2024 ESGO Congress in Barcelona.


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