ESGO eAcademy Editors

Message from the ESGO eAcademy Editors


The e-academy has been for long prepared to deal with the post-COVID-19 era


Dear ESGO Members,

Almost three years ago, under the presidency of David Cibula, the ESGO decided that the e-academy, a nice but somewhat conventional library of videos and documents with no editorial policy, had to be transformed into a real e-education portal.

This led to defining a position of Editor-in-Chief, will full power to develop an innovative model. Since then, the constant strategy has been to be as attractive and useful as possible to the users, a heterogeneous group according to age and experience, however sharing a common goal: staying updated.

With the decisive contribution of an ESGO fellow, Agnieszka Rychlik, a dedicated office, and IT manager, the e-academy has become what it is now: a day-to-day source of updated information for senior staff, fellows, and residents.

The outlay of the website has been modernized; the navigation has been designed to make the information as accessible as possible. A new scientific tree has been elaborated to help the user to easily find the relevant information according to her/his needs.

The e-academy has then become kind of an updatable encyclopedia of gynecologic oncology.

Two newsletters a month have been issued, one is featuring the outstanding material recorded during the various ESGO events and the numerous ESGO products, from guidelines to textbooks. The other one is highlighting top-quality lectures, videos, podcasts of the International Journal of Gynecologic Cancer.

The e-academy is now also kind of a Journal drawing the attention of readers on hot and timely topics.

At some point, the baton of a relay race must be passed to a new runner.

I am enthusiastic about passing it to Luis Chiva at Editor-in-Chief while staying in the team. Interestingly, this transition is contemporaneous of the COVID crisis, which will, for sure change the world.

We can be proud of being fully prepared to adapt to a new order involving less travelling, fewer meetings, more web-based communication.

The latter is not the second choice compared to the traditional auditorium lecturing. It is the source of fast-track information, as illustrated by the forthcoming implementation of surgical webinars by the ESGO education committee and of tumour boards by the ENYGO group of young gynecologic oncologists.

ESGO is growing, yet is determined to avoid becoming a compartmentalized organization. The synergies of the Education Committee, ENYGO, International Journal of Gynecologic Cancer and e-academy is going to become the primary driver of new momentum for the ESGO e-academy.

Please, dear users, do not hesitate to help the ESGO e-academy keeping the outstanding job. Your input, suggestions, criticisms, and submission of new material are welcome. Your role as advertisers of the portal is also crucial to increase the ESGO membership, indispensable support to cover the costs.


Denis Querleu, France
Past ESGO eAcademy Editor-in-Chief


Message from the New Editor-in-Chief


Dear ESGO Members,

A few months ago, shortly after I started to participate in the ESGO Council, Denis Querleu proposed that I lead ESGO e-academy.

I have witnessed the appearance change of this portal but did not know all the details. After accepting this task from the Council, I dare to affirm that we have possibly the best multimedia collection in Gynecologic Oncology. It is a jewel. And we are at the beginning.

One of our passions at ESGO is to share knowledge. I want all our members to become familiar with this academic tool. I would like somehow that in each Department of Gynecologic Oncology, it will be used routinely in the formative sessions. Remember that e-academy is now at your fingertips with an incredible app for portable devices. 

We have sent you a survey that will allow us to know your vision of e-academy. We are looking forward to receiving your comments that, for sure, they will be beneficial.

Meanwhile, I have the immense fortune to continue counting in this endeavour with Anna Fagotti as chair of the Educational Committee, and with the team members on whom e-academy depends; Denis Querleu, Agnieska Rychlik, and the ESGO Staff members (Michaela, Eva, and Tali) who are doing a fabulous job.

Besides, we have started a Video Surgery group, including Cagatay Taskiran, Artem Stepanyan, a Max Lanner that will collaborate with us.

Receive our best regards for the eAcademy team.


Luis Chiva, Spain
New ESGO eAcademy Editor-in-Chief


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