Final slate of candidates in the ESGO Council Elections

This is the final slate of candidates standing in the elections to the ESGO Council 2017-2021. You may view a short profile of each candidate by clicking on their name.

Please note that this is not a voting platform, and the link to voting has been sent to all ESGO eligible members by email. In case you have not received the link, kindly let us know at


Group 1 (Radiation Oncology)


Alexandra Taylor - UK

Elzbieta M. van der Steen-Banasik - The Netherlands

Mary McCormack - UK


Group 2


Tatjana Božanović - Serbia

Cagatay Taskiran - Turkey

Artem Stepanyan - Armenia


Group 3


Pawel Knapp - Poland

Robert Jach - Poland 

Herman Haller - Croatia


Group 4 


Pernille Jensen - Denmark

Mansoor Mirza - Denmark

Karina Dahl Steffensen - Denmark

Henrik Falconer - Sweden


Group 5


Luis Chiva - Spain

Xavier Matias-Guiu - Spain

Anna Fagotti - Italy


Group 6  


Jalid Sehouli - Germany

Christina Fotopoulou - UK