ESGO Centre Candidacy Programme

ESGO Centre Candidacy Programme

With the centre accreditation process, ESGO has aimed to improve the quality of care in managing patients with gynaecological cancers and set an objective to have at least one accredited centre in each European country.

However, small countries with low populations or lower resources without  national centralisation have been unable to achieve this objective.

In 2022, ESGO initiated the Centre Candidacy Programme to assist these centres that may not initially meet the accreditation requirements but have the potential to improve and provide comparable quality of care.

ESGO supports these centres by collaborating with presidents of National Gynaecological Oncology societies and National ESGO Ambassadors, promoting the ESGO quality indicators at national conferences, fostering fellows to participate in ESGO training programmes, and more.

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Watch the video from Prof. Viola Heinzelmann-Schwarz, Switzerland,
ESGO Ambassador of Candidacy Countries


ESGO Centre Candidacy Programme Will Advance Endometrial Cancer Care in Slovakia


The ESGO Centre Candidacy project in Slovakia has recently reached a substantial milestone in collaboration with Prof. Mikulas Redecha, President of the Slovak Gynaecology and Obstetrics Society and National ESGO Ambassador.


"Thanks to the support of the ESGO Centre Candidacy Programme, the Trenčín centre was encouraged to apply for the ESGO Accreditation in Endometrial Cancer. Once approved it will raise the standards of care in our country," said Prof. Redecha.

National ESGO Ambassadors

A Network United to Advance Care in Gynaecological Cancers 

NATIONAL Ambassadors

National ESGO Ambassadors

Dr. Ronalds Macuks, Latvia, Prof. Mikulas Redecha, Slovakia, Dr. Aljosa Mandic, Serbia, Dr. Henrique Nabais, Portugal, Dr. Marko Klaric, Croatia, Prof. Elvira Bratila and Prof. Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu, Romania, Dr. Eva-Maria Niine-Roolah, Estonia, Prof. Daiva Vitkiene, Lithuania, and Prof. Zaza Tsitsishvili, Georgia.

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