Online Course on Urologic Surgery for Gynaecological Oncologists


» First edition of ESGO´s online course on the topic of urology surgery for gyneacological oncologists

» Online sessions on June 1st & 2nd, 2023


Course highlights

  • Comprehensive overview of urological involvement in gynaecologic oncology
  • Video-sessions demonstrating surgical techniques
  • Designed for gynaecologic oncology trainees and staff
  • Experience faculty with accessible training


Proper management of patients with gynecologic cancer involving the urinary system or urological complications after gynecologic surgery is crucial for successful outcomes.

This online course focuses on the surgical aspects of urinary system involvement in gynecological cancer, with an emphasis on providing an in-depth understanding of surgical anatomy and essential knowledge of surgical management. By viewing step-by-step video surgical procedures, the course aims to improve the management of urologic complications.

The course covers theoretical aspects including disease patterns, general management, and surgical treatment techniques.


Target Audience

Gynaecological Oncologists interested in the surgical aspects of the management of gynecological cancer involving the urologic system. The course  is designed for both new specialists and senior trainees, and the European Network of Young Gynaecologic Oncologists (ENYGO) can benefit from the direct interaction with the faculty during the web-based sessions.


Teaching Format

The course consists of four online sessions over two consecutive days (June 1-2, 2023). The web-based sessions include theoretical and video presentations to improve attendees’ ´knowledge and understanding of the urologic involvement. Clinical cases, discussion, and interaction with the faculty will also be possible.


Learning Objectives

Enhance surgical techniques for different urologic procedures.

Acquire detailed knowledge of surgical management of urologic system in the context of gynecologic oncology

Understand the anatomy to avoid possible urologic injuries

Develop the ability to identify and manage urologic complications

Scientific Programme

» Please check the preliminary Scientific Programme


Chairs & Faculty


Ignacio Zapardiel

Chair of the Course

La Paz University Hospital, Madrid


Artem Stepanyan

Co-Chair of the Course

Nairi Medical Center, Yerevan





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Fee includes

» Admission fee to the live online course on June 1st & 2nd, 2023.

General Information


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