Advanced Course on Surgical Management of Cervical Cancer


» ESGO´s HYBRID course on the topic of surgical management of cervical cancer

» ONLINE: December 7th & 14th, 2023

» ONSITE: January 11th & 12th, 2024, Madrid, Spain


This is a hybrid course on the surgical management of cervical cancer, which includes 3 training sessions during the same month. The course will focus on providing an in depth understanding of surgical anatomy, as well as an essential knowledge on the surgical management of patients with cervical cancer, both early and advanced stages. Additionally, by the watching of step by step video surgical procedures, together with hands on cadaveric advanced laparoscopic and open training the course aims to improve the management of cervical cancer women by the attendees.

It will cover theoretical aspects including patterns of dissemination of the disease, general management and preoperative workout, fertility preservation aspects, surgical treatment technique and quality indicators of the surgical treatment.

In addition, one face-to-face session will be carried out in Madrid, where the attendees will have the opportunity to perform both open and laparoscopic surgery in Thiel fixed cadavers, which offer the highest level of approximation and reality in non-real patients surgery. IT will include retroperitoneal laparoscopic lymph node dissection, useful for advanced stage cases and open radical hysterectomy with is the cornerstone of the treatment for early stage cases.

This hybrid format is spared in three sessions. Two online sessions with theoretical lectures and a video workshop that will set up the basis for the third practical session where all obtained knowledge will be applied in the cadaveric model. Interaction with an outstanding faculty will be possible at all sessions including the hands-on part.


Teaching Format

The course will have 3 sessions: 2 web-based session and 1 on-site session in Madrid. During the Web-based sessions theoretical and video-presentations will be carried out. During the third session of the course we will use cadavers fixed with Thiel technique for imparting the training, which permits a very actual dissection and flexibility of the bodies, allowing deep understanding of human anatomy.

Target Audience

The course is aimed at Gynaecological Oncologists, with special interest in the surgical aspects of the management of cervical cancer. The course will be attractive both to new specialists in the field as well as senior trainees. In addition a special group of interest is the European Network of Young Gynaecologic Oncologists (ENYGO) who can profit the direct interaction with the faculty both in the web-based and hans-on presential sessions.


Learning Objectives

Acquire updated and detailed knowledge of the surgical management of cervical cancer

Understand the surgical steps and decision-making process when a surgery is carried out in a cervical cancer patient

Apply the different surgical approaches and their benefits in any case of cervical cancer

Improve the surgical skills both for open and laparoscopic surgery when performing procedures related to cervical cancer treatment.

Scientific Programme


Chairs & Faculty


Ignacio Zapardiel

Chair of the Course

ESGO Council Member

La Paz University Hospital Madrid







General Information


Applied Anatomy Department. Faculty of Medicine.

Autonomuos University of Madrid (UAM).

Calle Arzobispo Morcillo s/n 28046, Madrid, Spain.



In registering for the course participants agree that the organizer is not responsible for individual medical, travel or personal insurance. Participants are requested to arrange their own travel and health insurance. The organizer cannot assume liability for changes in the program due to external circumstances.

Course Secretariat

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Travel & Accommodation


Travel costs to Madrid, Spain are responsibility of the attendees.